Darold Ellison

Coach Ellison has over 25 years of teaching hitters proper fundamentals through a passion for studying hitting tendencies from MLB to youth baseball. Over the years coach “El” has refined his philosophy and approach to teaching hitting which has helped hitters from all ages and abilities to reach their goals. El is regarded as one of the top hitting coaches in the Northwest due to the consistent success and improvement with hitters he works with. Coach Ellison is available Mondays through Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays for private or group lessons.

Zach Brown

Coach Brown’s approach to teaching hitting is a refection of his many years working side by side with coach Ellison. Zach has been very successful in getting the best out of the hitters he instructs by teaching proper hitting fundamental and his ability to identify each hitters specific needs for improvement. He is currently the head coach of Metro 14U Select team and lead Metro’s 2014 13U team that was one of the top of the club level teams in the Northwest during the 2014 season. Coach Brown is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for private or group lessons.

Brett Davis

Coach Davis’s devolved his hitting philosophy from the fundamentals taught at Mt. Hood CC by coach Ellison. During his playing career Brett excelled at the plate, his approach and understanding of proper mechanics combined with his coaching experience at Metro has allowed him to give quality instruction to the hitters he works with. Coach Davis is available Mondays-Sundays for private and group hitting lessons.


Tom Gorman

Coach Gorman pitching philosophy has been cultivated from 7 years MLB experience and 20 years as a pitching coach at the collegiate and high school level. Tom teaches proper pitching mechanics and emphasizes the mental approach to pitching. He has helped many pitchers reach their highest potential whether it be in high school, college or the pro’s. Coach Gorman is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays for lessons.

Ben Wetzler

Coach Wetzler is currently a top pitching prospect in the Miami Marlins organization and arguably was the best pitcher in college baseball during the 2014 season at Oregon State. Ben led the NCAA in ERA with a 0.75 earned run average and most importantly was a team leader through out his career at OSU. He has learned from many great pitching coaches through out his career which has allowed him formulate a solid foundation to his pitching philosophy. Coach Wetzler is available Mondays-Sundays for private or group lessons.


Brett Davis – coach Davis is currently the head fielding instructor at Metro for lessons, camps and academy teams . Brett has been a big part of our teams success due to his ability to teach infielders correct positioning, footwork, fielding and throwing fundamentals. Coach Davis is available Mondays-Sundays for private and group fielding lessons.

Trace Loehr

coach Loehr is one of the top fielding prospects in the Oakland A’s organization and was the starting second baseman on the USA 18U team who won the world cup by beating Japan in the world championship game. Trace lead the team with a 1,000 percent fielding percentage. Coach Loehr is available Mondays-Sundays for private and group fielding lessons.


Zach Brown

since joining Metro in 2008 coach Brown has been leading the Metro catching instruction program. As a player Zach excelled at the catching position due to solid fundaments and high baseball IQ required to lead a defense. Coach Brown is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for private and group catching lessons.