Baserunning Drills

1. Touch ’Em All – this one is pretty simple to understand. Home to 1B, home to 2B, home to 3B, etc. Make up your own and be creative. Mix in leads from 1B and run to 3B on a hit. Make sure your players are working on picking up the third base coach as they approach 2B.

2. Indian Run – The team will get into a straight line pretty close together and start on a SLOW jog. The very last person in line will sprint to the front. This will continue until each player has sprinted to the front of the line or for however long you desire the drill to continue.

3. Playing Nine – This is definitely a tough one. Have your team stand in the dugout or just in front of it. They will sprint to each position and back where they started from as a group. Sprint to LF, back to the dugout, sprint to CF, back to the dugout, sprint to RF, back to the dugout, sprint to 1B back to the dugout, etc. Continue this until the team has “played” all nine positions.

4. Sit-downs – Place your team on the outfield foul line. They are going to be running sprints from different seated and lying positions. Have them lie on their stomach facing the line, on “GO” they will sprint to a marker, usually 25-30 yards. Do four sets of these. Have them do the same thing, but from a sitting indian position, lying on back with feet facing line, kneeling on both knees, etc. Make up your own positions.

More drills coming soon!